Case Study | Athletics Track


Total Sport and floor were contacted by the Secretary of an athletics track. The track was nearing the end of its useful life and had a number of maintenance issues that needed to be addressed. Council had expressed a desire to continue using the track for a further 3 years prior to replacement.



In conjunction with the athletics club, Total Sport and Floor undertook a careful inspection of the track and presented the council/club with a detailed quotation for repairs. Prior to works commencing Total Sport and Floor met with council and club representatives on site and walked through the works to be undertaken and the process and times required for the works. Careful planning of dates was required as the club had a number of school commitments booked in which represented significant revenue to the club.

Once dates were locked in (As always subject to weather!!) works were commenced. Communication with the club was maintained throughout the repair process to ensure that club expectations were being met.

In conjunction with the repairs, relay lines were upgraded to comply with current IAAF requirements.



All repairs were undertaken on time and the track is ready for another year of heavy use before another annual inspection is done.