Vermont Primary School


Vermont Primary school were undertaking a major project involving a number of elements including a 500 square metre area of EPDM surfacing. During the installation of the EPDM surface the school became concerned in relation to some aspects of the finish. The school contacted Total Sport and Floor seeking an independent assessment of the surface.


The brief

The school requested Total Sport and Floor undertake an independent assessment and provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the surface.



Total Sport and Floor undertook a careful and detailed inspection of the surface detailing all aspects of the installation. A comprehensive report investigating the surface issues, possible causes and potential methods for rectification of the surface was presented to the school. The school was able to utilise this document in negotiations with the contractor ultimately leading to the contractor agreeing to replace the entire surface.

As a result of this Total Sport and Floor was then asked to supervise the rectification works. Prior to the commencement of the works, Total Sport and Floor provided the contractor and the school with a detailed list of expectations and issues that we would focus on during the process. This left the contractor and the school with a very clear understanding of the level of performance that was expected by all parties. This did not only cover the finished surface but also included minimum requirements for items such as concrete preparation, depth requirements and final presentation of the surface.



The final outcome was that the school now has a large EPDM surface that not only looks exceptional but will also perform well into the future. The success of the final product was due to very clear guidelines and expectations that were communicated and understood by all parties prior to the commencement of works and also the clear and constant communication during the installation.

A good outcome all round.