The High End of Rod Laver Arena

Which is the High End of Rod Laver Arena?

You often hear commentators talk about players serving from the high end of Rod Laver Arena. Have you ever wondered which end this is?

The truth is all courts at Melbourne Park, including Rod Laver, Margaret Court and Hisense arena, are flat!

Which poses the question ‘Can any end be called high?’

Tennis courts are typically built to ensure that the entire playing and run-off areas are on one plane and the court is not peaked.

The build also allows for a consistent fall of around 1% across and down the length of the court. Too slight to be called a slant, but still the opposite of high.

Melbourne Park’s courts are no exception to this rule.

All its courts sit on a flat asphalt base and have identical playing characteristics. This allows for a more level and consistent on-court experience, particularly for elite players who might notice the difference between asphalt and concrete even under a cushioned surface!

So the next time you hear a commentator say that a player is serving from the high end of Rod Laver Arena, have a little chuckle to yourself. Given the evidence, it’s as flat as a pancake and its high end is…well your guess is as good as mine!